TE 2x32 Port Fiber Optic Splitter

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Tyco 2x32 Port Fiber Optic Splitter

Splitter module output fibers: Single mode, reduced ben radius fiber, terminate with SC/APC connectors

Test bandpass: 1260-1360nm, 1480-1500nm, 1550-1560

Overall bandpass: 1260-1625

Return loss at bandpass: >55db

Maximum insertion loss at test bandpass: 18.0dB


- Bend-optimized fiber and ruggedized extreme temperature cabling

- Operating temperature range -55° to +85° C

- Wavelength range of 1260-1635 nm
Easy to insert and remove without affecting adjacent splitters

- UL 1863 Listed

Tyco splitters support a centralized fiber architecture and several split ratios are available. The Tyco 1 x 32 Splitter comes with SC/APC single mode fiber in and SC/APC single mode fiber out. Fiber legs are 1 meter. Additional fiber connecters and fiber lengths are available.

We sell Tyco Fiber Optic Splitters. Each splitter is custom made so please allow 2 to 6 weeks for delivery. The prices quoted are for Tyco splitters with a standard connector configuration of SC/APC single mode and SC/APC single mode out. Please note the type of connectors & fiber lengths you want went ordering non-standard.

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