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Broadband Access

Deliver cost-effective, high-speed broadband access services

Upgrade to Ethernet while supporting profitable existing services

Whether fiber-to-the-desktop, -campus, -home or last mile, no 2 broadband networks are the same. You need real options for your unique deployment.

Tellabs provides an end-to-end, cost-effective broadband access solution that passes more than 5 million homes in North America. Our feature-rich, shovel-ready solutions enable you to get the most from your existing infrastructure. You'll save costs by reducing power consumption, while gaining revenue opportunities by delivering services faster.

Tellabs offers the industry's only true Enterprise GPON solution. Compared with a conventional active Ethernet LAN, our optical LAN can save you up to 70% in capital costs, lower power consumption by 80% and reduce space by 90%.

Our comprehensive line of access products is available in indoor, outdoor and desktop installations. Many options are RUS- or JITC-certified. Each enables quality services to your business, residential and mobile customers.


Stay ahead without scrapping years of investments.

Your users are watching live HD streams of the World Cup on their smartphones at the same time that others are texting banks to transfer money. Customers everywhere are demanding more mobile Internet bandwidth while still expecting basic mobile services to work — for cheap.

You can support existing services while preparing for future business and 4G networks, with Tellabs IP and Ethernet products.

An Ethernet and IP infrastructure is essential for the high-bandwidth mobile and business services that your customers demand. You can save money by handling more users and more types of traffic on a single system.

With Tellabs IP and Ethernet products, you can prepare for future services while making the most of your existing network, without starting from scratch. Our products enable you to build on your existing network to support new Ethernet and IP service offerings over a single, unique platform.

Our systems enable convergence, reduce networking complexity and lower your costs. Plus, you can manage a variety of products with one intelligent network manager — while improving network performance and containing costs.

Network Management

Improve profitability and competitiveness with operational efficiency

Simplify your network

As demand for bandwidth increases, so does the complexity of your network. You need insight into every area to improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability.

The right network manager can add incredible value to your network. The more visibility you have into your network, the more you can optimize performance.

Tellabs Network Management Systems manage and troubleshoot networks quickly and efficiently. They speed provisioning, minimize errors and improve productivity.

Your network becomes more reliable and stable, so you save time and money. Even better, you can increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

Optical Networking

Lower the cost of providing more bandwidth

Enhance IP networks and improve efficiency

You have the difficult task of supporting your customers' bandwidth needs without breaking the bank.

So you need new bandwidth management solutions and more cost-effective ways to carry traffic, including optical and Ethernet networking. With Tellabs optical networking products, you can deliver services faster and build a more efficient network.

One of Tellabs' optical customers operates the world's largest ROADM network, delivering mobile, business and consumer services on an efficient, converged platform. The results: capital expenses decreased 65%, power consumption fell 65% and operating expenses dropped 85%.

Packet Core

Optimize performance as you prepare for the mobile Internet

Lower expenses and increase revenue opportunities

More than 5 billion global mobile connections exist today. Average monthly data use has increased 230% since early 2009. Still, only 1 in 4 U.S. mobile users owns a smartphone, and 25% of them consume no data.

The mobile Internet will dramatically change your network. It also provides new opportunities to transform your business model.

Users expect more bandwidth, more reliability and more personalized services. A smart mobile packet core provides exactly the information you need to monetize the mobile Internet. It's user-aware, content-aware, context-aware and location-aware.

As you deliver mobile Internet services, Tellabs mobile packet core products can help improve network efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve profitability. Our products enable you to optimize your 3G network and get ready for the data deluge that's sure to come with 4G.

Tellabs packet core and WiMAX products are purpose-built for 4G, LTE and WiMAX networks, with support for 4G networks. We enable a smarter mobile packet core for IP-based 4G services. Tellabs' common platform is flexible, scalable and cost-effective.

Time Division Mulitplexing

Optimize your TDM, SONET and SDH networks

Maximize the profitability of existing networks

Today's networks are straining under increasing bandwidth demands. You may wonder how to profit from your existing network while keeping up with the latest technology.

Tellabs offers the expertise you need to make your networks efficient, reliable and profitable. You can add the latest technologies at your own pace while leveraging your existing equipment.

Our cost-effective solutions enable you to consolidate your services and generate new revenue.